The First 'Wives Club

Episode 10:'s Editor discusses the ladies glamping trip and Gretchen's vocal issues.

Apr 17, 2012

Into the Woods
Once the ladies finally arrive at the lodge, they immediately begin to push the boundaries of "glam." What is too much to ask for on a glamping trip? Heather wants to ensure she has a full king bed (best for sharing with bears). Do they really have to cook their meals with their own hands over an open flame? Is this store actually stocked with unfamiliar wines, while the cabins aren't even stocked with wine bottles openers.

Also I must discuss Alexis' poem, and more importantly Vicki's attempt to make good of it -- flubert? Flumble? These should all be real words. I flumbert my words constantly. That's how language is born. In 20 years our children will be saying flumbert and they'll have Vicki Gunvalson to thank for it. Know this.

As the ladies scrounge for appropriate wine glasses (the lodge doesn't stock red and white glasses, how crude!), and communes with the natural wildlife (bugs down Alexis' shirt), things get real rustic. This land without sherpas (since Heather isn't one) and decent cell phone service is harsh. At least they managed to reach a consensus at least not to burn the plastic while starting a fire and to not alert Papa John's to their lack of wilderness savvy. And soon enough, a different kind of delivery arrived – a skunk! Thankfully, like most things, the skunk was afraid of Vicki and moved on. Smart move young animal.

Speaking of Vicki, it was lovely to see her feeling the kumbaya by the fire and saying she's changed her perspective. The idea of her apologizing to Gretchen (and being friends with Alexis) is a giant step, even if she's only taking a portion of the blame. Kudos 50 percent. Oh who am I kidding? Kudos, 100 percent. Negotiate your apology all you want.

It's also interesting to see the parallels between Vicki and Brook's relationship and Briana and Ryan's courtship. It seems both of them are keeping their closest gent close to the vest.

Next week Alexis struggles with her acting career while Gretchen and the gang heads to Vegas for the big performance. Until then, what was your favorite part of glamping? The bug that now lives in Alexis' bra? The skunk who feared Vicki? The face-wrinkling pillows? Leave it in the comments.