The First 'Wives Club

Episode 17:'s Editor gets emotional about monkeys, rafts, delicate plants, and Vicki.

on Jun 5, 2012

Hello Costa Rican explorers. Welcome back to the jungle. I hope you've managed to keep your tiny trees in good shape and your monkeys at a safe distance. Let's recap our final days abroad shall we?

The Ghost of Interventions Past

We return to the table with Alexis and the ladies telling her that they like her for her, not her faux diamond ring. Alexis once again pulls Terry back into the fray, and mentions that maybe Tamra shouldn't be so rude, mean, and hateful either.

At this point Vicki does her best to pull a Chris Cocker ("Leave Alexis alone. We're all phony."). Gretchen tries to break it down to Alexis and find a plan to improvement, but it only serves to make Alexis more upset and drives her into her room. Gretchen, Mary Poppins-umbrella in tow, attempts to go and make good with Alexis, but it's not use. Gretchen finds herself in a difficult predicament as she sees both side of the argument, but from Alexis' perspective she's chosen her side.

Then, shocker, Alexis' next visit is from the ghost of lobster past (nothing works up a hunger like a vicious intervention) and Vicki! Vicki can relate because of her San Francisco intervention many moons ago. . .It wasn't the most heart-warming scene, but it was nice to see Alexis receive a touch of comfort.