The First 'Wives Club

Episode 17:'s Editor gets emotional about monkeys, rafts, delicate plants, and Vicki.

on Jun 5, 2012

The River Wild
The next day the ladies are off on another excursion: this time to white water raft. It's a little troubling that they're forced to take the trek without Alexis' life preservers, and Heather gets especially psyched out.

Of all the events we've seen Housewives undertake, this has to be one of the best. Between Vicki beckoning the boat closer, the discussion of piranhas, Tamra not wanting to get her shoes wet, and then the duct tape discussion, I was unsure if we would ever see our ladies leave port, er, rocky precipice. Please get in the boat -- raft. Just get in the raft.

Yet somehow it worked. They all lived. And Vicki even admitted it was scarier than her airplane jump. That's saying alot -- and I'm just saying it so I can once again link to images of that feat of daring-do. Afterwards the Vick-ster is especially emotional. You already made it Vicki! Enjoy your success at river.

Also, I'd be remiss not to mention my favorite line of the episode, Vicki's parting words to Heather: "Call me like everyday for the rest of your life." Your move Carly Rae Jepsen.