The First 'Wives Club

Episode 18:'s Editor ponders love amongst the mollusks.

on Jun 12, 2012

In the end, it was so sweet. I'll just let it stand on it's own. Clams!

As a long-time O.C. fan, it's so amazing to see the journey Tamra has taken and see that she's found someone who loves her so deeply and genuinely wants to be a part of her life. She realizes she's deserving of great things and dammit she's getting them. Mazel guys! You are surely about to embark on a really fun life together.

Next week we come to the (almost) end. The dramatic two-part finale begins and, like all Housewives parties, the affair gets a little out of hand.

What did you think of the proposal? Was it as romantic as you imagined? Were you shocked?