The First 'Wives Club

Episode 13:'s Editor wonders when is the right time to meet your mom's new boyfriend.

May 8, 2012

Hello OC Fans! We're back and Briana's still married. Let's recap and see how Vicki dealt with the aftermath -- and tried to blend her new son-in-law with her new feller.

Something Blue
Before we get into all this wedding nonsense, Vicki and Tamra go in search of new brassiere. Vicki wants something natural that will accentuate her breasts (which according to this lady are double Fs, a size I did not know existed, but as Tamra said this woman prefers the metric system).

Besides just very oddly sized bras, the store has wedding wear -– leading Tamra and Vicki to discuss Briana's big nuptials. Tamra is worried that Briana got married as a way to deal with all the other drama in her life. Vicki feels that it's disrespectful for Briana to marry someone that she barely knows, but she's trying her best to put her poker face on and stay strong for B's sake. And it seems like the best course of action. I know Vicki is bummed about Briana's choice, but there's no going back now. Rolling with it is really the only option.

Lease Renewal
Meanwhile, in another level of courtship, Slade is off to ride bikes with Gretchen's dad -- while Gretchen is off to lunch with Tamra. Once Slade and Scott get ready for their bike ride, Slade mentions that he has a question for him. Slade wants to propose to Gretchen, and Scott doesn't exactly approve. Scott wants Slade's debts and such in order before they get hitched. It's rough to hear her dad say that basically love ain't enough -- Slade needs to clear up his reputation and his past before they can build a life together.

Over lunch, Tamra and Gretchen discuss the issue (as well as Tamra's new gym which sounds amazing. I'd like a lifetime membership please). Gretchen loves him, but she's not ready to take on his debts and drama. She's worked to hard to have her hardwork garnished, plus she still needs to work through her previous marriage issues. It seems like now is just not the time for these two. Let's leave it at a lease until things are more settled.