The First 'Wives Club

Episode 13:'s Editor wonders when is the right time to meet your mom's new boyfriend.

May 8, 2012

And then it's time for the big announcement. The 'Wives are waiting with baited breath (the possibilities of what else Vicki could have been announcing do really lead the mind to reel). And then Vicki presents the happy couple Mr. and Mrs. Culberson. I personally thought the ladies reactions were priceless, particularly Heather's composed yet aghast "Oh my gosh."

Then Vicki has one more surprise. It's not an engagement (as Briana so down-troddenly guessed) -- it's Uncle Billy!

Now that everyone is in better spirits, the Wines by Wives section of the party begins. Can I just say I laughed hysterically at Gretchen eating the cheese before she was supposed to. Mainly because how long must you make someone wait for cheese! It's always too complicated, the holding of the glass and the cheese. Get the woman a plate.

Once the cheese was speared from Gretchen's glass and returned to her mouth, Tamra, Slade, and Gretchen discussed the ladies' new found friendship. Slade appears more open than ever to Tamra, but he's still waiting of that apology. We'll have to wait and see if he gets it.