The First 'Wives Club

Episode 3:'s Associate Editor ponders painting parties, jokes, and sex toys.

Feb 21, 2012

Hello O.C. adorers. Do you channel your stresses into the arts? Have you ever solved a long-simmering feud by taking a brush to canvas? By sending your former frenemy a sketch of a turtle perhaps? This week the O.C. 'Wives attempted to just do that, to not exactly glowing reviews. Let's do our best to sort out Heather's painting party and the rest of this week's drama.

Breast Friends 4Eva, Part 2
We begin this week on the stormy shuttle to Catalina, pondering why friends don't let friends touch each other's bosoms.

I want to give a special recap award to the waiter for our foursome's first meal in Catalina. God bless the server of our quad of awkward lovers. You know the waitstaff at the restaurant Paper, Rock, Scissors-ed for who would have to check in on the table that featured Tamra openly weeping about Brooks/Boobgate.

It made me really upset to see Eddie upset. He's so genuinely wonderful and these two kids obviously adore each other. Seeing Tamra sob out how much she loved everyone just broke my tiny heart. Everyone loves everyone, and no one will ever touch again. Thankfully Tamra blames it on the alcohol and the group moves forward. Now the group can address the hard hitting topics -- like if Brooks is a boobs or an ass man ("What are you!?!"). At least we know what Eddie is. He's a hot dog stand (?) and no one else is touching his buns!