The First 'Wives Club

Episode 3:'s Associate Editor ponders painting parties, jokes, and sex toys.

Feb 21, 2012

On the Side Is a Big Thing for You
We learn a lot about Heather this episode. Heather hates when people hand menus to her open (don't rush her pre-meal chats), and she orders a lot like Meg Ryan does in When Harry Met Sally. She wants things how she wants them. Somehow we can feel that this isn't just a food thing. . .
Anyway, she wants to repay Vicki's kindness with a painting party. I assumed this would be like that time Jill had people paint her apartment (maybe Heather's elevator needed a fresh coat), but no, this is one of those parties where everyone paints the same thing on a canvas (no nudity!). It's a shame this wasn't free association, as Terry suggested. I feel that really would have been a diverse group of masterpieces.

Wild N' Out with Slade Smiley

I’m not going to recap the scene of Gretchen and Slade discussing his comedy career, I'm just going to show you this picture of Gretchen wearing my new favorite outfit ever in the world. How can you not love this Barbie woman?

OK, I will say one other thing, I love her dogs so much. Let them be part of the standup show, too. It's a family act, just like The Aristocrats. OK, wait, maybe not like that at all.