The First 'Wives Club

Episode 20:'s Editor wraps up the salacious season finale.

on Jun 26, 2012

Oh what a mighty season we've had. Really and truly, this season of Orange County was filled with delights -- sure there were fights, but there were also helicopter rides, Pussycat Dolls, glamping trips, and '80s nights.

So with all of those things in mind, I sat down for this finale as pleased as punch. And punch would have helped my blood sugar situation, lest I end up as ejected as Sarah Winchester. Instead I sat down with a sleeve of Oreos, ready to evaluate our final episode of Season 7, friendship changing fights and all.

Before we get into it, I want this on record: the Orange County 'Wives opening lines this year have brought me so much joy. Truly, this might be the best batch of tags yet -- call Gretchen the boss, take great aim Tamra, drive into the future! Kudos to you all. I've found much inspiration in your mantras!

Throwing Bows
This episode begins with Sarah wondering why she wasn't allowed to dine upon bows at her leisure. Things appear calmer, now but before you can say braised short ribs with sweet potato hash (which Tamra is actually eating), Gretchen pulls Tam into the living room for a tete-a-tete. What now?!?

But it's something sweet! Gretchen got Tamra a meaningful bracelet! In honor of their road to friendship key bracelet from the start of this season, G presented Tamra with a locket bracelet. Their friendship is "unbreakable" (much like Gretchen's new single). These two always belonged together. Let what key jewelry has brought together, no man put asunder!

But that happy time is shattered as soon as Sarah Winchester steps beyond the velvet rope. In an attempt to find Heather to apologize (I think?) things just get horrifically worse. Heather summons her husband, Alexis, and Gretchen to handle it. Alexis attempts to diffuse, but ends up getting into Slade's face. Yikes! Don't mess with a man in a turtleneck, Alexis. Thankfully things wrap up quickly, with the Sarah chapter closing. This is the world we live in I suppose Sarah. . .