The First 'Wives Club

Episode 20:'s Editor wraps up the salacious season finale.

on Jun 26, 2012

Jim-iny Cricket
After all that wraps up, Alexis is sitting around in her fur trying to enjoy herself. Suddenly, her gent Jim arrives. Twist! Will this mean that Terry will have comeuppance for the "phony" comment heard 'round the world? At first, no. Everyone's drinking champagne and enjoying this surprisingly incident-free time. Slade does offer his wingman/security services (just in case), and as soon as he offers up the muscle beneath his turtleneck, things turn. Jim mentions he'll talk to Terry next week, but at Alexis' chides the men into sitting down now. Any conversation that begins "I heard you said you thought my wife was the phoniest person you ever met," can't go well.

And so as quickly as Jim arrives, he's gone. He takes his very bold vest (Jim Bellino has always been a fashion plate) off into the night as soon as Tamra and Heather get involved. And he takes Alexis with him. Another guest off into the night.