The First 'Wives Club

Episode 9:'s Editor ponders who was a turkey at bowling night.

Apr 10, 2012

Hello bowlers. I hope you're wearing your best pair of well Lysol-ed oxfords, because we're hitting the lanes this week in style. Let's see who was worth of the champions Cristal and who should be bowling with bumpers next time.

We open with Tamra and Heather discussing the mud run. I have to say I really love that Heather believes she's "checked that box" of mud runs. Yes, I agree with you lady. One time in that sort of endeavor is plenty. Accomplished. Since the mud run wasn't the whole gang, Heather wants to assemble the brood for some bowling -- and champs. Now, don't go reading this and saying champs, like we are the champs of whatever, you must pronounce it "champs," for champagne. Heather continues to prove that you can make mundane tasks better (painting, going to L.A., etc.) by ratcheting up the class. Next time you want to "go to a baseball game and open up a nice Chardonnay" call me darling!

This party does have the divine distinction of having two 'Wives unable to attend because of plastic surgery recovery issue (Alexis can't bend to pick up balls with her nose as it is; Tamra will be in rehab for her breast surgery).
Gretchen is unavailable for the call (but her secretary Slade Smiley, will write it down in my Filofax apparently). It's a little stressful because this is the first time Gretchen and Vicki will be seeing each other post-bunco. But hopefully everyone will bond amongst the balls.

Card of the Day
Besides the tension of lingering '80s night memories, Tamra's also nervous about Vicki's relationship with Brooks. It all seems a little "thick to quick" as my Southern mother would say) and Tamra hopes he's not taking advantage of her situation. Troubletown.

Vicki, of course, doesn't know Tamra feels this way, and is busy collecting her cards from Brooks and sponging all of this romantic moments and filling her tanks. Brooks and Donn seem pretty different -- and hopefully the end result will be different as well (i.e., better). Hopefully since they are so honest as they are (Facebook access!), there should be no surprises in Vicki's future.