The First 'Wives Club

Episode 9:'s Editor ponders who was a turkey at bowling night.

Apr 10, 2012

Changing Lanes
Finally it's time for the extreme bending of champagne and bowling. Sarah Winchester arrives (who you might recall from Vicki's shrimp night). Immediately it's clear that she and Heather might not be making friendship bracelets by the end of the night, and Sarah's also on the defense about the Vicki situation. Usually if someone says, "I just don't want to have any drama tonight" (Gretchen), it almost guarantees it will happen. It's the Housewives equivalent of saying "I'll be right back" and then getting murdered in a horror film.

After seeing Gretchen's "unproficient" bowling game and Vicki take a really big tumble, Sarah makes a quick approach to discuss the situation wtih Vicki -- and that goes about as well as you can expect it. . .

Sarah continued to follow Vicki around (while never putting down her sliders) to try to make her point with Vicki. Gretchen and Heather did their best to make Sarah calm down, but as Heather said, the hamster wheel had already started. She refused to move past Vicki's slight. And then was a bit of a huff when Heather tried to thank her for coming. It seems like this won't be the end of it with this bunch.

Next week, the 'Wives go glamping -- I'm serious. More extremes! What other odd combos would you like the ladies to do? Platinum t-ball? Sake and building ships in a bottle? Leave your items in the comments!