The First 'Wives Club

Episode 1:'s Associate Editor ponders bottoms shaped like fruit, friendships, and crawfish.

Feb 7, 2012

Well welcome back Orange County fans! As we enter in our magical seventh season everything is different! Gretchen and Tamra are having lunch! Vicki is dating a Southerner. We have a brunette! Let's make sense of all these changes, shall we?

After the bananas-town reunion last season, I was a little dubious to see how this would turn out. Hopefully, Gretchen chose a restaurant with tables bolted down, thin paper menus, and drinks with tops. Slade is also dubious, but he recommends a nice restaurant with furniture too heavy for Tamra to lift and she's on her way.

Once they arrive, the "dogs start sniffing each other's butts" (as Tamra so eloquently analogized), mojitos are served, and gals got to talking. Honestly, I'm overjoyed with how breezily this went. Both these ladies are a barrel of fun times, so it makes more sense that they are friends. They're putting that water under the bridge (even if its an ocean's worth). Then Tamra makes Gretchen a friendship bracelet that is either the key to the future or the lock to the security deposit of their past, tough to say. That's the thing about friendship bracelets based on metaphors, they are open to interpretation.