The First 'Wives Club

Episode 1:'s Associate Editor ponders bottoms shaped like fruit, friendships, and crawfish.

Feb 7, 2012

The Ragin' Cajun
Meanwhile, in Vicki-land, after teaching Michael that an unmade duvet is one of the main reason people don't buy houses (true) and explaining that Donn is still living in the house but they haven't seen each other in two months (WHAT?!?). I guess she's been busy with her new Mississippi man, Brooks. Vicki seems very zen (perhaps it's the marathon sex sessions Tamra couldn't get her to confirm). 

So what better way to celebrate her new Southern beau than with a party. Just a simple affair with oysters, crawfish, and tension over the affections of Jim Bellino. . .

And when the ladies (all of them, including Gretchen's brunette bestie Sarah Winchester) arrive, things aren't exactly as jubilant as a good old fashioned crawfish boil (trust me, I know) particularly with Alexis and Peggy. 

Next week, the tensions at the shindig come to a head -- a crawfish head. Hopefully Vicki speaks in a Cajun accent and smooths things over. Then things even more dramatic when Vicki and Tamra head on vacation with their gents. What was your favorite part of the premiere? Leave your