The First 'Wives Club

Episode 19:'s Editor discusses hypoglycemia, champagne flutes, and ponchos.

on Jun 19, 2012

Party People
Next we see Alexis donning a fur vest for a drink with Sarah Winchester. Alexis vents about the Costa Rica situation and wonders why she should listen to the other ladies at all. She's polled her friends and they think she's not phony whatsoever. But all those accusations aside, she's most upset that Gretchen didn't jump in to help her the night of the intervention, and she's waiting for her to apologize. . .

Anyway, Alexis is less than amped to see the women at Heather's name changing party, and thusly she decides to bring Sarah as her plus one. Considering how well Sarah got along with everyone at the bowling alley, this should go swimmingly, right?

Champagne Wishes
Before we discuss the drama of the party, let's focus on the splendor of a Dubrow affair. They are literally giving out diamonds (OK one diamond and many CZs, but still). Plus that view. Geesh!
And for a party like that, what else can you wear but a fur? Which is why Brooks bought Vicki one. Vicki believes this should shut down the Brooks haters -- though I imagine that the cross-section of Brooks haters and animal rights activist might still have something to say. Surely the fur won't squash her brewing beef with Tamra. Apparently Vicki told Tamra that she thought her relationship with Eddie was moving too fast and Tamra is a bit dubious of that assessment considering her relationship with Brooks. We'll see if the fur is enough to smooth things over -- perhaps it's warm, wooly goodness will create goodwill between the two.

Besides that ball of wax, there's also all the simmering Costa Rican tension. Alexis continues to ponder what the other ladies can say to her -- besides "I'm sorry." -- while Terry wonders if he'll be approached for a chat.