The First 'Wives Club

Episode 19:'s Editor discusses hypoglycemia, champagne flutes, and ponchos.

on Jun 19, 2012

This fight to me is one of the most sublime in Housewives history. It's over a cake people! Yet it quickly escalates into quotes like the following:

Tamra: And I'm the one from the trailer park?

Terry: That's sort of not cool.

Vicki: It's not a sugar problem you have, it's an alcohol problem. Stop drinking!

Heather: Is your sugar problem wrapped in a rudeness problem?

Alexis is aghast that it becomes such a brawl so quickly. She knows what Sarah did was wrong, but, perhaps seeing shades of Costa Rica, decides to try to defend her. And that doesn't go exactly fantastically either.

No amount of Oreos produced by Heather Dubrow could get the conversation back on track. We'll have to wait until next week to see if Sarah is ejected, or if someone just gives her insulin and the whole situation works out. We'll also be treated to even more drama next week -- including the fight you didn't see coming Vicki and Tamra.

Until then, leave your thoughts in the comment. Was it so bad that Sarah broke that piece off the cake? Who do you think won the champagne toast diamond? Did you think that Slade looked a little Sprockets like in his turtleneck? Tell me.