The First 'Wives Club

Episode 2:'s Associate Editor ponders serving crawfish to Housewives, the meaning of cute, and how to properly deal with your friend's boob.

Feb 14, 2012


After being treated to a little more time with Mr. Dubrow and her precious, if not a little bad at making jokes husband Terry, we see that Heather's comments about Gretchen being cute did not go over too well. Slade thinks that it's because Heather is jealous since she's older than the young Ms. Rossi, while Gretchen's worried that it means Heather is pretentious. Could it possibly just mean Gretchen is cute? Maybe, but that seems like a stretch of an option. . .

No word on how "cute" Heather thought Gretchen was when a purse was all that stood between her and the censors. Personally, I thought she looked fierce, and I'll be practicing holding a grocery tote in front of my ta-tas until my handbag line is ready to go into production.