The First 'Wives Club

Episode 2:'s Associate Editor ponders serving crawfish to Housewives, the meaning of cute, and how to properly deal with your friend's boob.

Feb 14, 2012

Breast Friends Forever
In another, less contentious limo, Vicki and Brooks are reading love notes on the road to Catalina (while Tamra looks on).Tamra and Eddie share their love not through letters, but through grooming. Yes, Tamra just travels with a nose hair trimmer, which means she's ever-ready to handle this issue on the road.

Less easily to nip was the BreastGate. After discussing how Vicki and Brooks are "celibate together" Eddie and Vicki shared a little bit of a moment. Not to be outdone, Tamra just grabbed Brooks hand and made some memories on her chest. This wasn't really Eddie's favorite part of the evening. . .

Next week we found out the fallout Brooks getting fresh and the ladies get arty (and maybe a little b---hy). I'll be eating from my bag of crawfish in anticipation until then.