The First 'Wives Club

Episode 7:'s Associate Editor scrubs in to assess all the surgeries on this week's episode and ponders what really is "so Heather."

Mar 20, 2012

Meanwhile, Heather is trying to focus on the excitement, which is good. Keep that untainted vigor girl!

Over Cristal, Heather and the gals continue to gab business. Tamra wins the line of the episode by saying that Heather's friends are "a whole 'nother dynamic of women." "They're so considerate of each other and they're so nice to each other -- not quite like our friends," says Tamra. Speaking of not being considerate, Vicki lays out a lot of business plan ideas she thinks the women haven'’t thought of. Heather thinks that her bristling is related to the trouble in her own world, and then she’s saved by the ring when Brooks calls. . .

And now for something completely different. . .

This is a clip of Gretchen setting her hair on fire