The First 'Wives Club

Episode 7:'s Associate Editor scrubs in to assess all the surgeries on this week's episode and ponders what really is "so Heather."

Mar 20, 2012

Rough Riding
On the ride back, Tamra and Vicki discuss positive friendships and what it must be like to have friends that are supportive and nice. In the wake of Briana’s situation, Vicki is taking the Gretchen/Slade drama with a grain of salt. Hopefully Gretchen can take it the same way.
As if the limo ride wasn’t tough enough, Tamra gets an email from her attorney about her divorce. Putting that final nail into the coffin of her marriage is tough, as it represents a good chunk of her life -- good and bad.

In the next episode (not airing until April 3), Alexis wears a surgical mask and scrubs up for another brush up with Tamra while the rest of the gang gets dirty at a mud run.

But before then, I want to know what else you think is "So Heather" in the comments. Lay it on me fans!