The First 'Wives Club

Episode 6:'s Associate Editor addresses nose jobs, fighting in costume, and Briana's great attitude.

Mar 12, 2012

Welcome back to the land of crimped hair and crimped feelings. Are things more dramatic because everyone is in '80s clothes? Or would this feel just as ridiculous if people were dressed normally? Who cares, the costumes add a lovely of rad-itude to the proceedings, so let's recap shall we?

Let's Hear It for the Boys
. . .Or not. Vicki is less than pleased when Billy Slade Cyrus (that is what he looked like) arrives with the rest of the gents (and I'm super sad Brooks wasn't able to make it, I would have loved to see is outfit). And then Slade goes straight for Ricky (Mr. Amazing Flock of Seagulls cut, if you haven't seen him before), for bring up the improv, which gets Vicki even more bothered and then "exits out stage left." (P.S.: Best exit line for a party ever, start using that one word.)

But as quickly as she leaves, Vicki returns, with eyes ablaze, and starts right in with Slade. . .

The whole thing went from zero to bananas in about four seconds. "No one has any idea" about anything because all we could hear is yelling. And then Vicki leaves, and Gretchen starts crying. And as horrific as the whole thing was, didn't you just keep looking at their outfits and think they were yelling about something going missing at the mall? I don’t forsee a few bangles fixing this fallout though, so expect repercussions from Vicki/Gretchen's far longer than Debbie Gibson's career (zing!).