The First 'Wives Club

Episode 8:'s Editor handicaps the fun run and discusses the plastic surgery habits of the O.C. ladies.

Apr 3, 2012

Hello Orange County fans. I hope you have on your finest custom made suits or a monogrammed fun run outfit, because I'm only recapping this episode for the most stylish folks.

Work Out
After watching Terry and Heather drop $50 thousand on some custom suits, we see Tamra and Eddie working on making sure they could fill fine threads with beautiful bodies (maybe Terry should have joined, he was super shocked about fitting into a 36). Eddie seems to find all this working out extremely sexy, while Tamra finds it all very therapeutic. Tamra's actually thinking of opening a fitness studio, and she'll be able to move around the studio with ease since she'll be lighter in the boob department. I have to point out the greatest of Eddie's facial expressions and laser focus while Tamra was working out. As she discussed her recovery time he really enjoyed those final moments with her larger breasts. Thankfully she still has a hydraulic behind and he is especially limber, so everything should be fine.

Later Tamra does take a moment to help Heather work on her fitness (In her ridiculous house). Heather, despite her mud mask look, is amped for a mud run. I'm super jazzed to see how this all works out, since I can't think of anything less fun than running around in mud, but I think these gals can handle it.

And In Good News
I'm not going to say anything more about Briana than what a relief! I'm so happy she got a clean bill of health and I'm sure Vicki feels much the same. Congrats B!