The First 'Wives Club

Episode 8:'s Editor handicaps the fun run and discusses the plastic surgery habits of the O.C. ladies.

Apr 3, 2012

Buy a Nose

Gretchen goes to visit Alexis, only to find her wearing a SARS mask. Alexis is a little less than thrilled with the time-table of Gretch's visit, which might be why she made her look at those mucus photos (ick!). Once the gals get past the phlegm discussion, Alexis mentions that she plans on talking to Tamra once she's fully recovered. It's a rough spot, with everyone feeling bristled about the new friendship dynamic, and we'll have to see what all works out.

And then all is revealed. After a very tender, touchy removal process, we finally see Lex's new nose. And she loves it! She's breathing massive amounts of air and ready to debut her new nose on the news.

Tough Mudders
Finally the day arrives for our 'Wives to take it to the dirt. Slade has drilled holes into his shoes, and Ryan has gotten an amazing bandana for the occasion.

But one pit later, Gretchen takes a tumble and thinks she's sprained her ankle. The gang carries on, while Slade and Gretchen meet with the medics to see if she's going to be too hobbled to perform with the Pussycat Dolls.

The gang is only two mudpits later when Eddie takes a tumble from some monkey bars and breaks his finger. Who would have thought that Heather would have made the one to make it out of the whole run unscathed?

It's good because it lead to him getting to hose down the ladies, which I'm sure Terry thought was worth the whole rigamaroo. The other boys spent their after run time trying to one up each other with clavicle fractures and Tour de France stories. Oh men!