The First 'Wives Club

Episode 15:'s Editor debates which was more awkward -- Heather's trip to the DMV or Alexis and Tamra's lunch.

May 22, 2012

Heather, Mrs. Dubrow If Your Nasty
Would a Heather by any other name be a sweet? That's the question, as Heather struggles with the concept of finally taking Terry's last name. She has lunch with her fellow thespian friend Dina Waters (loved you in Six Feet Under girl) to discuss making Terry's moniker her own. Heather's worried because people are always saying "do-brow," and indeed I do agree with her that it doesn't evoke the classiest connotations. However, what can you really do about other people's poor pronunciation skills? Love finds a way.

And so she trucks her fancy pants over to the DMV and finds that most of the staff is in less than jovial spirits. One would think they’d appreciate a little comedy in their long days, but hey Heather will just have to take her comedy act elsewhere.

But all that DMV drama (and lost laughs) was worth it. Sweet Terry was all choked up looking at her new name in print. Why is this couple the cutest? Seriously, the Dubrow unit just gets more and more precious. Kudos to you lovebirds.