The First 'Wives Club

Episode 12:'s Editor tries to decide which Vegas event was more shocking -- Gretchen's performance or Briana's wedding?

May 1, 2012

Back at the hotel room, people were feeling the feline vibe (I say that because cats are very forgiving right?), and Sarah waltzed right up to Vicki and apologized for the bowling party incident. And it was quick, to the point, and accepted. Who can ask for more?

And in a moment of pay it forward bliss, Vicki gives kudos to Gretchen. And then Tamra gives Gretchen a present -- a picture of the two of them smiling together that was actually taken, not altered with Photoshop. Besides Vicki's presence, she also has a physical present -- and an apology! Granted she asks for one right back, but baby steps people. I guess Vegas is the city of sisterly love.

Before we leave Sin City, I want to address Vicki's knowledge of casino rules. That's right Vicki, if you're betting the drinks are free. Don't waste her time dealers! TWhere is her dirty martini with a blue cheese olive?

Driving the Bus
After Gretchen's advice (and Jim's semi-blessing), Alexis decides to go see a talent coach build her strengths. She's a great live-news-bus passenger, but she's got to move up to her role as live television bus driver now (much like Keanu Reeves). I was unaware that bus driving and journalism were so closely linked, but I guess the first seven seconds on a bus are also the most important ones.

Terry's first critique is on Alexis' wardrobe, and she's fairly scathing from then on out. But Alexis is undaunted. Journalism is hard to do, and so she's ready for all the advice she can get. Hence she's game for an exercise involving a Backdraft scenario and a missing cat. I have to hand it to Alexis, I don't think I could have held it together through such harrowing, rapid-fire exercises, and even though Terry told her the garden needed to be watered, she believed in her. Watch out highway of journalism –- Alexis will be driving down you in no time!