The First 'Wives Club

Episode 12:'s Editor tries to decide which Vegas event was more shocking -- Gretchen's performance or Briana's wedding?

May 1, 2012

Don’t Worry, Bead Happy
Gretchen and Slade meet Terry and Heather for a double date dinner. Terry's packed his worry beads so he can live in the moment, which is always a great way to enter into a dinner. The gang discusses all the support that was rolling Gretchen's way in Vegas and how Gretchen decided in the interest of smoothing things over to just let the Vicki thing roll off her back. Kumbaya indeed.

But as quickly as peace spread across the valley it ended, with Terry getting a little too honest about his feelings for Alexis. . . Apparently his worry beads don't do anything towards keeping him mum on matters of the 'Wives. Gretchen does express that she's unsure of Alexis' current behavior, as well, so it seems that once one beef is settled another arises. . .much like those beavers in arcade games.

Ryan's Man Pad
Here's a miniature announcement: men of America, get furniture! You don't necessarily need couches and chandeliers and plants, but a chair besides the one in your kitchen is a good start. Tamra does manage to resist the urge to buy him a full living room set at Eddie's urging. Instead she goes with semi-tough love, which is enough toughness to help him learn how to manage him money, but not so tough that she doesn't have something to put a drink down on the next time she comes over.