The First 'Wives Club

Episode 12:'s Editor tries to decide which Vegas event was more shocking -- Gretchen's performance or Briana's wedding?

May 1, 2012

Bombs Away
Back in the OC, Vicki is trying to deal with the rent house she purchased from Jenna. Brooks is doing his best to assure her that it's all going to work out, even if she has to sell the house at a lose, but Vicki sees the plan she once made falling apart around her. She's doing her best to take solace in the fact tthings are calming down. She's happy with Brooks, Briana's well, everything is serene. . .

Well it was. . .

Briana brings Ryan, her beau, to meet Vicki. Ryan's a marine, continuing Briana's streak of men in uniform, but the bombs of war (his joke!) aren't the only ones he's going to be dropping. There's also a little surprise in store for Vicki: they're married!
Yup, Briana and Ryan eloped to Las Vegas.

Thankfully the drinks arrived right as this news was being broken, giving everyone a great bit of courage to control their reactions. (Excellent long quaff from Vicki there.) Vicki is upset because she thinks Briana deserves better than a tiny Vegas chapel.

We'll see next week if Vicki can muster up the support for these nupitials, if Slade can muster up the support to propose to Gretchen, and if Briana can muster up support for Brooks. Basically next week everyone has to do some mustering.

Until then, what did you think of this Vegas madness? Can you believe while Gretchen was hitting the high notes, Briana was getting hitched? Leave your thoughts on the matter in the comments.