Vicki Gunvalson

Vicki reflects on her journey in the O.C. and welcomes Heather to the fold.

on Feb 7, 2012

Welcome back everyone to Season 7. I hope you enjoyed the first episode of this brand new season. I have been told by Bravo, that they feel this will be our best season yet. Although there won't be any tables tipped over or wine thrown. . .you will see some of us get a little heated up with screaming outbursts instead. Something I for one am not proud of, but when it's needed. . .it's needed. I'm apologizing ahead of time if any of you are offended.

Tonight's episode was pretty mellow, I thought. I laughed at myself when Mike and I were straightening up the house and looking at my pillow smashing technique. I started asking some of my friends if they do the same and they agreed that all pillows need to be smashed in the middle. Not up for negotiations.

This morning while I was driving up to Los Angeles in the dark, I reflected back on where I was seven years ago when we launched our first episode. My family and I were naïve to reality TV, and really didn't have any clue on what was in store for us. Briana was a senior in high school and Michael had just gone off to college at CU Boulder. Now they are 25 and 26 and off on their own. I was working in my home selling life insurance with Lauri, and nobody in the outside world really knew my name. Wow, my have things changed.