Vicki Gunvalson

Vicki discusses Heather's business plan, Alexis nose, and Briana's medical condition.

on Mar 26, 2012

Tamra and I had to take the limo back to Orange County because the fog was too low and the pilot did not believe it was safe for us to fly. The drive home with just Tamra and I in the limo was needed for both of us. We really don't have a lot of alone time together and when we do. . .our conversation tends to lean about our divorces. Those of you that have gone through a divorce understand how difficult it really is and also how great it is to surround yourself with people who have gone through it themselves.

I felt really bad for Alexis when some of the other ladies were making fun of her nose and her pending surgery. It is very obvious that her sinus' needed to be opened up and fixed from the looks of what the doctor pulled out of her. I agree with Alexis about also having her nose reconstructed while the doctors were in there. Now that her swelling is down, her nose looks amazing. I supported Alexis 100 percent on doing that procedure and think that the outcome was worth the pain.

I am a firm believer that if you want to do plastic surgery to enhance your looks -- go for it! Since the correlation of Ms. Piggy to myself, it has crossed my mind if I need to get my nose fixed also. I am German and Norweigan and my nose is a "pug" nose. It runs in my family. I tend to look a lot like my deceased father, and no one used to make fun of his nose. I guess that's what I get for appearing on a reality show. People hide behind their computers and make jabs at our looks, and I guess because we don't fit the mold of who the viewers/bloggers think we should look like. At first I was very hurt by those comments, but now I just have to realize that no matter what you look like -- there are still people who feel the need to tear you down, which is very hurtful.