Vicki Gunvalson

Vicki discusses adult friendships and defends Brooks.

on Feb 24, 2012

When I was saying goodbye to the ladies I didn't even realize that I didn't hug Tamra goodbye. To hear her say I was jealous of Tamra and Gretchen's relationship is just silly. I told Tamra last year, I had hoped that they could be at least cordial to one another and I encouraged her to stop all that nonsense. To say I'm jealous is the farthest thing from my mind. I have many, many "best friends" that you the viewers never meet and never have any of them been jealous of each other. I mean really. . .we are in our 40s. Why can't we have many friends versus just one? I feel Tamra is the type of friend that focuses on one friend at a time, and then tends to find faults in the others to alienate them from the group. You can see that happening this year again. It seems every year she is mad at someone or trying to find fault in someone, which I just don't understand.

My view on friendships is plain and simple. Have many of them, treat them with respect, laugh with them, learn from them, encourage them, be true to them, truly have their "back," and hopefully grow old with them. I wish and pray that Tamra and Gretchen will have a friendship that will last a lifetime. I think they are very much alike and that if they have chosen to truly "bury the hatchet," then they are both doing the right thing. But to state publicly they are BFFs right out of the gate is a little odd. . .

Now the subject everyone seems to be talking about this season is BROOKS. I am saddened and appalled that Gretchen and Slade felt it important to bring Brooks child support issues up. First of all, if most of you remember I did not talk about Slade, his work, or child support issues at all last year. If you recall I actually publicly apologized for commenting on something that is so personal and none of my business. I did not condone Tamra calling Grayson's mom when we were filming the reunion last year to discuss his personal and financial issues. It was NONE of my business or Tamra's, and I found it terribly disrespectful and felt it crossed the line. Now that I am dating Brooks, I guess Gretchen and Slade feel I'm a good target to hit because of Brooks' past situation. I think it's best to state the FACTS:

1. Brooks children are his utmost priority in his life. It is for this reason that I respect and love him so immensely. PERIOD. He loves his children with all of his might and sees his children as much as possible. He is not a deadbeat dad.