Vicki Gunvalson

Vicki addresses her relationship with Brooks and laughs out loud about this episode.

on Apr 18, 2012

First of all I wanted to sincerely apologize for not posting my blog last week. I sat down several times to write it and ended up not being able to put to words what I was really feeling. This week I have a clearer perspective and thought I would comment on a few parts of last week's show that really bothered me, and then we'll jump into this week's episode.

There have been some opinions about what I said on the show referencing Brooks' access to my phone and emails and the assumption that he also has access to my bank accounts/records. Just to clarify to everyone, what I said was that he had access to my voicemail and emails-- NOT my money. I only said that was to merely point out that I have nothing to hide from him and that we are completely transparent when it comes to one another. Brooks does not have access to my money, my bank accounts, or any of my financial accounts. He has his own accounts, and I have mine -- and neither one of us have access to each other's personal finances.

Some people, including Tamra, have voiced her opinion about "keeping her eye on Brooks to supposedly protect me." My question to her is. . .PROTECT ME FROM WHAT?!

Although I find it nice that she cares about me, I've told her she has nothing to worry about. I have known Brooks in the insurance/investment business for over five years, which quite frankly is longer than she has known Eddie. I am not engaged to Brooks. I don't live with Brooks, nor do we intend on doing anything like that in the near future. We are comfortable where our relationship is, and we are both very cautiously optimistic that our relationship will last. To say we don't have struggles would be a lie, however it's been a long time (if ever) where I truly felt like I was with my best friend. Everyday that I am given the opportunity to spend with him, he is an amazing boyfriend and a true partner to me. If any of you have things that are negative or bad to say about him, I would request you to refrain as it is not only hurtful to Brooks, but also to me.