Vicki Gunvalson

Vicki traces what led up to her fight with Briana and shares where they are now.

on May 16, 2012

Donn is loved by my family, friends, and viewers, and some people are having trouble with me moving on with my life and getting involved with another man. Consequently, Brooks is being judged unfairly and should not be blamed for people missing Donn.

Here's the thing I'd like all of you to know: I DID want my daughter to have a traditional wedding -- not a drive through. She deserved better than that. And, yes, I admit I wanted to experience the thrill of all the excitement and joy that comes with my only daughter getting married. I did not expect my daughter to take this away from me. After the dust had settled, I realized I had to move past that. I love my daughter, and I chose to support her decision. I must also support her choice for her husband. I did not really know Ryan, and I certainly did not expect him to take my only daughter to Vegas to get married. But the reality is it's done and I must forget my own feelings and show my daughter I love her unconditionally regardless of her choices.

I believe the part of being a good mother is that you must love them, regardless of the hurt they have caused you. Here is where being a good parent comes in: I am a fierce warrior, and I can and will protect my children as long as there is breath in me. When Briana told me she got married, I wondered if there was an ulterior motive on Ryan's part. I had hoped there wasn't. . .but what if there was? I was scared out of my mind for her and our family.

The blowup tonight had been festering for weeks. Briana had very strong feelings about me dating so soon after Donn and I separated, and I had very strong feelings of her marrying a man she didn't date consistently. We both had fears, and I believe they came purely from LOVE.