Vicki Gunvalson

Vicki traces what led up to her fight with Briana and shares where they are now.

on May 16, 2012

When I was in Briana's condo having this terribly heated discussion with her, I knew no matter what I said, I wasn't going to convince her to accept Brooks and I dating. For that matter, no matter what she said was not going to convince me that marrying Ryan so quickly was the best decision either. I believe no matter who I was dating, she would have reacted the same way. It wasn't Brooks in particular; it was me dating in general.

What you didn't see is I left her home in tears, and just sat in the street and prayed, cried, and prayed some more. I realized it was not the end of the world if my daughter does not like the man I am dating.

I say dating -- because Brooks and I are “dating.” We are not living together. We are taking our relationship slow. We enjoy spending time together. We haven't commingled any finances (nor do I ever plan to), and I sure the heck am not ready for marriage or even an engagement. I'm taking the relationship for what it is, which is two grown people who love and respect each other. I'm dating Brooks because he makes me extremely happy, doesn't lie to me, and is treating me with the respect and love that I deserve. That's it.

For those of you that wonder if my divorce is finalized yet it isn't. We haven't finalized our divorce yet because I am still fighting paying spousal support, as well as because some of our properties still need to be sold and settled. Both Donn and I are NOT in a hurry to get a divorce piece of paper hastily. It is inevitable we will be divorced, but we are doing it on OUR terms, not anyone else's, and we won't be influenced by anyone to rush it. We want the best for each other, and the best for each other is to remain friends, with our business hats on, and to attempt to keep the emotions aside.