Vicki Gunvalson

Vicki discusses how she will fight through her issues with Briana and Brooks.

on May 24, 2012

The kids and I have had a tough year with a lot of changes, and it's been difficult for all of us. What you the viewers are seeing now, was filmed over seven months ago. Both of us were hurt, and both of us were scared of all the changes going on. Briana getting married so quickly and myself dating someone new brought lots of raw emotions. Unfortunately the cameras captured everything -- the good and the bad.

My issues are I am hurt that Briana would speak to me in the way she did, as she has never done that before. We have always had an amazing respectful relationship and have never ever disrespected each other. I am hurt that she would be so critical, when I certainly could be much more critical of her decision to marry so quickly in a very bad way -- but I didn't, nor will I.

What you saw last week and even this week is a part of my life that was dark and I wish it never happened. Unfortunately it did, and I have to face it head on. I am the type of mother who is going to persevere, face my fears, admit when I'm wrong, and compromise when I need to. My children are my first priority, and I won't let anything come in between us. My children are "my life" and always will be. What you do see this season is second in line after my children, my focus is on my future and my happiness. As most of you know by now, I am dating Brooks who is an amazing man and makes me very happy. However, the show and backlash from others have made it very difficult on us. We are taking things slow, enjoying our time together, and we have both our eyes wide open. I love spending time with him, and, for the first time in my life, I have a completely honest relationship. I have no idea what our future holds, but what I do know is he's a very caring sweet man who truly loves me -- and who is not getting a fair opportunity to say his viewpoints. At the end of the day, I am just a girl. I am a girl that just wants to be loved and respected -- probably the same as most of you reading this.