Vicki Gunvalson

Vicki focuses on what really matters and thanks the fans for their support.

on Mar 6, 2012

For those of you that have contacted me about your IRA or 401K rollovers, thank you for entrusting me with your accounts. For those of you that haven't, please do! I am a safe money advisor and in 22 years, not one of my clients has ever lost $1 due to non-guaranteed accounts. Please visit my website for any of your retirement planning needs at or email us at

If any of you are interested in reviewing your current life insurance policy or are in the need of a new policy, please visit my website at and fill out the form and either myself or one of my in house agents will call you.

My feeling and beliefs are simple and true to my core. Treat others as you wish to be treated, try to look at the glass as half full -- and not half empty, hug someone that you just met, be forgiving instead of judgmental, smile a lot (it will confuse "them"), save more and spend less, be honest and don't lie, and do a little "woo hoo" once in a while.

I wish you all peace and thank you for taking the time to read my blog.


Lastly, Tamra and I are launching our new business venture called "Wines by Wives." It's a wine of the month club, which allows our viewers and fans to be able to receive a bottle of wine each month that we have each selected. It's going to be a lot of fun, so please visit the website and register to become a member.