Vicki Gunvalson

Vicki wonders why Gretchen can't let go of the Bunko Party incident and her feelings about Brooks.

on Apr 25, 2012

I texted Alexis to see where she was and what was taking her so long and she told me what had happened with her make-up. She said her face was close to a grayish/black color and that she had to wash it and start all over again. I didn't understand how that could have happened, but after watching the episode this week there was NO WAY she could have come down looking like she did. I found myself hysterically laughing on how cute Jim and Alexis were when she was getting ready and whispering on how to get the makeup artist out of her room so she could wash her face and start over.

I went to Vegas with the mindset that I wanted to have a good time. I wanted to be the bigger person and show Gretchen that an apology was in order for both of us -- and I was willing to start it. When Gretchen looked back at me like she did, I was embarrassed. Her continued anger towards me about the "deadbeat dad" or "hypocrite" situation is getting old.

As I told her, I am not a hypocrite. I do not condone MEN not supporting their children nor will I ever. I also told her I understand situations where men fall on hard times, and they do whatever they can to pay support, even if it is a reduced amount. I have said this many times. Mike and Briana's father did not consistently provide child support for the majority of their upbringing. I was able to find a career to support us, and although I would have loved to have received child support, I wasn't going to lie down and not support them or myself. In Brooks' situation, he did pay support to his wife, however he was unable to pay the full amount due to a decrease in his salary after the 2008 crash. A hypocrite would condone his behavior and say "YES. . .I totally believe in men not financially supporting their children." I never said that nor would I ever.