Vicki Gunvalson

Vicki explains that she's taking things day-by-day

on Jun 21, 2012

Heather and Terry's house is a beautiful chateau sitting on a cliff overlooking the Pacific Ocean and is simply breathtaking. Everything was so perfect until the end of the evening. Then without looking "s--t hit the fan."

Regarding Alexis, I really have come to love her and we have become friends this year. She is easy to be with and there never is any conflict or drama with her. She's "nice" and, at this time in my life, easy and nice is what I need. I have gotten to really know her this year, and she is much more than what you see on TV. I think we all are for that matter. Everyone has a friend that is out of line at some point -- especially when liquor is involved. I don't think it was Alexis' fault that her friend Sarah misbehaved (as she was completely classless and out of line). This is not the first time Sarah made a spectacle of herself. I just don't understand that type of personality. Too much drama for me.

It seems like from season to season Tamra targets who she is going to go after, and unfortunately this year it was Alexis, Brooks, and myself. It makes me sad because I have been so supportive and happy for her and Eddie. I just had hoped she would have been the same for Brooks and I. The four of us had gone to Cabo to celebrate Eddie's birthday at the end of March 2011, and we spent a lot of time together. We spent many couple date nights together and had even planned on taking more vacations together. Everything was fine with our relationships, until suddenly she became a different person towards Brooks.

Tonight was Heather's night. This was Heather's first season and her party and she deserved the attention. Heather did not deserve Sarah to be disruptive and rude. I also believe Tamra should not have chosen Heather's party to replay her drama with the wine episode with Jeana. Remember why Tamra was mad at Jeana last year? To refresh your memory, it was because Jeana was getting involved in Tamra and Simon's marriage and "butting in." Hmmm. . .isn't that what she has been doing with Brooks and I?