Vicki Gunvalson

Vicki defends her intense nature and explains her behavior in Costa Rica.

on May 30, 2012

I was very surprised that Tamra made those comments about me saying that I was a hypocrite. I guess she found a way to insert it into a "game we were playing" so she could piggy back what Gretchen had said earlier to me this year. In fact, I couldn’t believe it as she knew how hurtful it was to me when Gretchen called me that. Tamra was very distant to me the whole trip, and I could sense that she was really making an effort to be with Gretchen more than me. I felt like I was in competition with Gretchen and then I stepped back and thought…am I in grade school? Why can’t we ALL be friends? I felt Tamra pulling away from me not only on this trip, but long before it. It's been coming for awhile now and I still don’t have an answer from her as to “why.” I love Tamra, and just wish it was normal between us, or like the old times. Somehow we have gotten off course and I don’t get it.