Alexis Bellino

Alexis dishes on her relationships with Lydia and Gretchen are now, and what she thinks of Tamra's accusations.

on Aug 13, 2013

To the couches we all go. . .

This is never a fun time for any of us. We dread it like we would a root canal. Yet, it's inevitable.

There is so much that happened on this first reunion episode, but I'm only going to address the two topics that involved me, which are Gretchen and Lydia.

Weeks ago, when Gretchen and I met for lunch, I blogged about my feelings on our relationship, and I don't want to re-hash that, so you can read that blog for details. To summarize, going into the reunion I felt (and still do feel) that our friendship will not recover. Can I move on? Yes, and I can also be cordial in a group setting as I have no ill will towards her. I just can't trust her. Plain and simple. I understand what our friendship was, I am fine with how it has ended and I truly wish only the best for her.

I also understand Tamra and Vicki's frustration. It was so hard to see Gretchen deny that anything happened when Vicki and Tamra presented so much evidence to the contrary.