Alexis Bellino

Alexis explains her absence thus far this season and why she's not giving up on having another child.

on Jun 10, 2013

This blog will be very short and sweet since I was only in a small part of this week's episode.

Many of you have asked so I feel I should answer your questions. As we all know, I struggled with returning this season. It was also very difficult for me to WANT to be around the ladies after what occurred at Tamra's gym party. I was invited on the Mexico trip, but did not feel it was a good choice for me to go for SEVERAL reasons. Now that Tamra and I worked things out, I begin hanging around with the women a lot more. Thank you all for your support and for asking where I’ve been!

Vicki, Lydia, and Tamra cracked me up this episode. I loved watching the three of them dancing and having fun! Looking at the three of them have such a great time, I did wish I was there. Although, after seeing what happened the next night, I'm so happy with my decision to stay home.