Alexis Bellino

Alexis clarifies Lydia's statements and explains that she doesn't have any desire to be around the Gretchen she sees now.

on May 14, 2013

Happy Mother’s Day to all of you wonderful moms out there! We have the best job in the world, ahem, I mean driver, cook, laundress, tutor, nurse, problem solver, grocery shopper...and the list goes on. I hope you each enjoyed the day and did something for yourselves. I got to sleep in, and we laid around in pjs til noon, then went to brunch and then church, so I had the best day ever!

I have never been wine tasting in Malibu, so I loved watching the girls' trip. Shockingly enough, the trip seemed pretty harmless (aside from the single name-calling incident). I do feel that there is one thing we can guarantee about Vicki, and that is that she is a HARD WORKER, so I truly doubt there is any way that she is slacking with Wines by Wives.

Lydia saying to Gretchen that I missed her needs clarification. I am not "missing" Gretchen because the current Gretchen is not the same person I was friends with three years ago. I do miss the old Gretchen, but not the person that I know and see now. What I had mentioned to Lydia is that Gretchen's behavior towards me hurt the most, because at one point we really were friends. I've never had a close connection to Tamra or Heather.