Alexis Bellino

Alexis explains she came to Tamra's party and came back this season to teach her kids a lesson about bullies.

on Apr 23, 2013

This is going to be a really tough blog to write for two reasons. One being the obvious, which is it's never easy to watch something replay after you have already worked through those emotions. The second reason being that this was filmed seven months ago, and some of the women and I are in a better place now. Yet I must address how I felt back then.

Before I begin my blog I have to say Jim and I have been praying for Grayson (Slade's son) since we met them both. Grayson is the strongest little guy and he is here to teach each of us something. We know this has been a struggle for them and above all, family and health are everything and we are praying for Grayson, Slade, and Gretchen.

At the beginning of the show we see Heather at the radio station, and I thought she did extremely well. She seemed really comfortable and she had a great radio voice. I was shocked and sad to hear about her experience as a young girl being bullied. It really brought up a lot of raw emotions. It’s ironic that someone who was picked on as a child and seems so well versed in it doesn't realize the parallel of her teaming up with the other girls.

Bullying is not a topic I take lightly. It's not a word I just tossed out there because it was convenient. It is truly how I have felt. Just because I have a job, or make a paycheck, does not mean I am suppose to take horrible treatment and do nothing about it. I do not approve of bullying in an office anymore than in a lunchroom, anymore than on a playground. Let me be clear about this, bullying comes in MANY different ways, MANY different degrees, in ALL ages, and it can be verbal or physical.