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Jim is a Teddy Bear in a Turtle Shell

Alexis can't believe she was able to type the sentence that Tamra apologized to Jim.

Holy cow! What an insane evening! For me, this night involved laughter, sobbing, shock, and sadness.

The party started off so well! A Winter Wonderland Win! It didn't take long for the drama to approach. Heather and Gretchen's conversation was weird to me. I can agree with points on both of their sides, however the hug didn't seem genuine. It was like they were at an awkward standstill, so they hugged because they didn't know what else to do.

The same goes for Tamra and Gretchen's talk. Perhaps Vicki's party was the wrong place to try for a serious conversation because time is limited which creates pressure. I have a feeling that neither conversation is completely over yet.

Vicki giving Tamra a bigger, blingier friendship bracelet was hysterical! I have gotten pretty close to Vicki over the past two years, and I knew she was missing Tamra. Vicki would say little comments, or say things in passing that let me know she missed Tamra. Then when I saw them reconnect in Whistler, I was happy for them. I wanted Tamra to know that Vicki had missed her.

The biggest shocker of the night was Tamra apologizing to Jim. Wait what??? That feels weird even typing it! My husband has been the brunt of group jokes, speculation, and rumors for three years now, so to hear a true apology from Tamra made both Jim and me tear up. My head was swimming with emotions as Tamra was talking. Her and I have patched things up and started over, but I NEVER anticipated her saying those things to Jim. I think Jim got emotional because he puts up a tough front, but in reality, she has really hurt him. He is a big teddy bear wrapped up in a hard turtle shell. No matter what front he puts up, he is still human at the end of the day. As his wife, I get to see the teddy bear side of him often. It was good he let his guard down for America to see. Leave it to Jim to lighten the mood by price-dropping his scarf. Babe, I thought we were working on this! LOL! (However, I can guarantee there is no price too high when I am in desperate need for a tissue at a party!)

There is no doubt that Ryan blew a fuse about Judy putting her feet on the couch. None of us can understand the experiences Ryan has had fighting for our country, so I am not one to judge his behavior. Do I think he overreacted? Yes. Do I think it was aggressive? Yes. However, I don't think the real issue at hand was cute little innocent Judy propping her foot on the couch. Judy handled the situation beautifully. She kept her kindness, elegance and grace through it all. I felt so sad for her, and for Lydia, but she couldn't have done anything differently. We just needed to give Ryan a shot of simmer down. I couldn't help but laugh when I saw the quick view of Jim checking out the drama while clinging to his plate of donuts! LOL. Oh dear, don't let the donuts go! TOO funny!


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