Alexis Bellino

Alexis wishes someone had just been straight with Vicki and the clambake and reflects on her tough time with Jim.

on Apr 8, 2013

I felt bad for Vicki this entire episode. I think it shows a lot of guts to walk outside of your own home only two weeks after surgery. Yes, Vicki is definitely swollen, but she is a much braver person than me -- and I commend her for going to the party.

It was ridiculous for everyone to stand around and gossip about Vicki and how swollen she was rather than just asking her what she did. It probably would have broken the ice and helped if one of the women would have pulled her aside and acted like they cared to know what Vicki had just done to her face. There is definitely no hiding it, so may as well confront it. And what if, by some chance, her face would have stayed that swollen forever. Wouldn’t they have felt bad for gossiping about it behind her back if that were the case?

The badgering of Vicki doesn’t stop with her surgery either. It continues with her relationship status with Brooks. I completely disagree when Gretchen claims that Vicki is lying about her relationship. Vicki is simply being vague, and it's because no matter what answer she gives to them she is judged for it. Yes, Vicki and Brooks are on-again-off-again a lot, but she is being guarded when they ask her, and I can hardly blame her. Vicki acts vague about it because she knows Gretchen is not a true friend and she is tired of being judged about her relationship.