Alexis Bellino

Alexis weighs in on the Heather/Gretchen drama.

on Jul 9, 2013

Happy Fourth of July to all of you! We just got back from a trip with the kids to Northern Cali at a Dude Ranch! Talk about grasping what life is all about...there was NO cell phone reception, no TVs, no radios, and no WIFI! I cannot lie, I had a little anxiety the first day. To say we simplified our lives is an understatement! This has been the best week for my children and our family. Among the uninterrupted family time, some of our adventures included horseback riding, fishing, playing  bingo and musical chairs, taking a hayride to the fireworks, eating breakfast in the forest, and seeing many animals -- including two bald eagles! I posted a few photos for you to see! This will probably go down as one of our best family trips ever.