Alexis Bellino

Alexis doesn't believe Vicki had a threesome, but she does believe her kids will never lick an ice wall like Tamra.

on Jul 16, 2013

Let's go snowmobiling!!! This was something I was excited to do the entire trip! As I've grown older, and now have three children who depend on me, I definitely am not as daring as I use to be. But I couldn't wait to (safely) drive my machine! LOL. I died laughing when Vicki, Ms. Queen of the Snowmobiles, was first to tip her vehicle! That girl cracks me up! I always know I will get a good laugh when I'm with her. Just like her peeing in the snow, or the snowball fight with Gretchen. Ahhhh the laughs. Love you, Vicki.

By the end of the day, I was so happy I was wearing my faux fur hat because everything on my body was frozen after the 3 hour snowmobile ride! My faux fur hat is available in black, white, and brown at

Dinner that night was sure to be drama-free since Vicki and Lauri had already hashed out their differences. Oh, wait, no it wasn't because none of us knew that Tamra enjoys sticking her tongue on ice! Craziness! That was a very scary moment for all of us. However, in the end I thanked Tamra for making the night memorable. I now had a souvenir photo to take home to my children as the first person mommy ever knew to do this. The good news is my children will never make that mistake now because the photo scared them a little, as well as made them laugh.