Gretchen Rossi

Gretchen refuses to endure Tamra's switching stories -- so she presents the truth for you to judge.

on Aug 15, 2013

Just the facts.

First off I want to say sorry for not blogging for a while. Quite frankly it has not been at the top of my list to sit down and once again defend myself against ridiculous accusations from these women. When you know the truth sometimes you don't have say anything at all. However I keep getting asked by many when I was going to write a blog again, so I decided to try tonight. Obviously I have a lot to say based off these last few episodes of watching the show, but I believe the audience is sophisticated and smart and can figure out the truth on their own. So this blog is simply to just state the facts:

1. Fact: The man the women continue to bring up I took to court and won seven counts against. In order to find someone guilty of punitive damages the jury needs to find that person acted with fraud, malice, or intent. Furthermore the claims he tried to bring against me for defaming him, false light, and slander, the jury found in favor of me and not of him.

2. Fact: When you have a jury trial, that means 12 unbiased people who know nothing about him or me sit in court for close to three weeks and hear just the facts and see only the evidence (including the pictures Tamra and Vicki attempted to bring up at the reunion) and they ruled in my favor for seven counts against him. I will speak about four of the counts specifically here because it has to do with what I continue to get questioned about by the woman. (The verdict is public record and you can look up all the counts if you want to know more) One count was for stalking, one was for harassment, one was for conversion (stealing private photos) and one count was for intentional infliction of emotional distress. These were things the woman questioned me about five years ago during the reunion (Tamra: "You said he was a stalker.") and now once again during this reunion; I don't need to defend myself any longer with these accusations because a judgment against his man for these counts speak for themselves. The jury also found in favor of having a restraining order put in place for me.