Gretchen Rossi

Gretchen refuses to endure Tamra's switching stories -- so she presents the truth for you to judge.

on Aug 15, 2013

11. Fact: Every time the woman say I am making something up I have had evidence to prove differently; case in point: the jury verdict that took me four long years of being in court to prove my innocence of the accusations made of me, the Fox 5 email I brought to prove I wasn't making up that I got offered the job, and now this year with the Malibu Country accusations, I brought a voicemail saved on my phone from my agent regarding the offer, where she clearly states "They want you for Malibu Country." I also had an email from my agent, whom I showed to both Heather and Tamra this season (but that footage was never shown). Not to mention that ironically Alexis became my alibi when she said on the bus that she got called about Malibu Country as well. Truth: I don't make things up because I have no reason to. It does not benefit me in any way.

12. Fact: The woman claim that I tried to manipulate Tamra into un-inviting Alexis from the dress shopping day with the Malibu Country gig. First off, how can you manipulate someone who you think is on the same page as you? Tamra was the one texting me (which I bring that evidence to the reunion in Part 2) that she didn't want Alexis there, she claims she did not invite her, and she was pissed Alexis was coming. Furthermore, I have the same texts from Heather stating that it was ridiculous that Alexis would be coming because Tamra and she weren't friends and Tamra didn't want her there. So I ask the sophisticated and intelligent audience that is watching this show, how in the world am I manipulating her if she had the same sentiments I did? Just doesn't match up, it's called being two-faced. Oh and Tamra it's not a rumor I started -- it's the truth about who you are in life, and who you have shown to be the last six years on this show with anyone you have called "a friend."  You have proven it over and over again almost every year. Maybe you should take your own advice as you are always saying to others. . ."just own up to it."

13. Fact: Tamra told me that she didn't want to un-invite Alexis because she didn't want to be seen as the bully again. Well once again little Miss "I am just always honest and real" wasn't being so real in that scene now was she? I was the only one that was honest enough to say it was weird that Alexis was going because as far as I understood they were not friends. A dress shopping day is an intimate day and one would think you would want close and true friends there. Alexis and Tamra at that point were far from that. Truth: I think it's great if they can get to that point of being good friends, but don't be mad at me because I am the only one who is willing to be real and honest about how strange it seemed at that time, that you have to make up lies about me claiming I got offered a gig.