Gretchen Rossi

Gretchen feels played by the way Tamra handled the Alexis situation and won't have people make false accusations.

on Jul 1, 2013

I am still confused why “Cheeseburger Gate” was even a discussion again. As far as I knew, it was over and done with. Lydia knows full well that Slade apologized to her in front of both Doug and I. Slade said he meant no harm by it and it was actually meant to be more of a compliment than as a dig. Doug even said to Slade that he and Lydia joke around all the time about stuff like that and he was confused why she took such offense. What I don’t like is that Lydia accepted the apology that night, said she understood he was kidding, yet she still felt the need to gossip about it and claim it was dirty in the limo ride. I’m confused about that one. What is even more mind boggling is that Tamra and Vicki seem to have a memory lapse when it comes to all the horrible and public things they claimed about Slade and the reason he ever felt the need to say anything about them. They bashed him for years and when he finally decided to respond in a comedy routine by saying “Hey girls you constantly say things in the press about me, well look what’s in the press about you.”

Now they are on this bandwagon of saying he does nothing but talk poorly about women. Newsflash: Tamra and Vicki you do not represent all women.
Let’s make this point clear: his issues have been with Tamra and Vicki, specifically not all women. His comments were only about them, personally, not about women as a whole. Seven hundred thousand women a day listened to his radio show and if he was truly a “woman basher” then those women sure wouldn’t listen or stay tuned in.

As I stated last year, I didn’t condone him making fun of them. I was mad at Slade for making comments about them in his routine and I told him at the salsa party he hurt Lydia’s feelings and he needed to apologize. However I will not allow these women to take a very specific comment about them and turn it into a generic statement that he bashes all women. It just simply is not the case.

At first I thought I regretted questioning Tamra’s behavior at the salsa party, because it created conflict between us. But now seeing how truly two-faced she was, I don’t regret that I was authentic to my feelings. I knew something in my heart was not matching up, so I decided to just address it head on. However now seeing the episode,I regret that I once again didn’t listen to my concerns and that I set aside potential opportunities to be a good friend to Tamra because sadly it’s not a two-way street. It’s beyond hurtful doing what I thought was right by my friend only opened the door for me to get ridiculed behind my back, lied to, and accused of lying. I find myself constantly getting hurt by these women even when I try to open my heart up again and again to them.