Gretchen Rossi

Gretchen explains why Vicki's indiscretions are so upsetting and what she thought of Tamra's bachelorette weekend.

on Jun 13, 2013

However, once Lauri decided to bring it up and confirm all the things I had been hearing, I found myself in a very hard predicament. How do I not get angry and address the woman that was accusing me of cheating on my dying fiancé, all the while she was the one actually having multiple affairs? What’s worse is that I now know that she was projecting and deflecting her own actions onto me as a means of covering it up. I was disgusted by what Lauri was telling me; however I knew if this information was going to be made public, it was up to Lauri too address Vicki, not me, no matter how upset I was. So I tried to rise above it and not say anything to Vicki – even though she was giving me opportunity after opportunity in Mexico just by the things she was saying and doing.

Of course she claims I was a filthy human being and should be ashamed of myself for discussing her actions, but who is she kidding? I mean she says I should be ashamed, yet she's the one deep throating a penis lollipop in the car and talking about how much she loves penis and is good at the gesture she was doing with that lollipop. What a joke. I simply did what all Housewives do, we have an opinion of each other’s actions. It’s not like Vicki has come up short in that department when it came to her opinion about me the last five years. In every interview I do, I'm just responding to what she was doing in that moment. It seems to me that Vicki can never take responsibility for her own actions, it's always everyone else's fault.

Here's what I believe the truth is: she's mad that she had no clue Lauri was telling me about all her affairs while being a married woman and in a desperate attempt to show she was more fun and the life of the party to Tamra, she did some pretty raunchy things that ended up validating Lauri's comments about her and she's mad she got busted. In the last two episodes, she basically ran herself over with a 9000 lbs bus, by HER OWN actions. I didn't even have to say anything to her and she just kept proving Lauri’s point. I really hate to say it, but as the saying goes karma is quite the bitch right?

My biggest question for this woman has always been, why throw stones when you live in a gigantic glass house? But I guess Vicki never thought it would catch up with her. I believe she has become very accustom to just living the lie. Laurie is the third person to come forward. Vicki’s own daughter Brianna confirmed she was aware of the cheating, then Tamra spoke about the guy in Mexico last year on our reunion and now Lauri. Vicki has been caught lying and cheating and somehow it’s my fault? What a crock of bull-pucky! Laurie was sure right about one thing, Vicki likes to deflects everything about herself onto those around her!